Willie Appel
IT Leadership Coach and Presence Advisor

In our recent past, the “burning platform” was often technology. We needed to make the leap from mainframes to client-servers to PCs to mobile, and beyond. Today, the burning platform has moved to leadership. We are building a new business platform that requires genuine lead- ership, a platform that will empower and enable us to lead information availability and the underlying technology. A style of leadership that can turn data into a real asset with honesty, integrity, openness, and transparency. We’ll need to unlearn some of the traits that brought us to the current CIO role and adopt new ways of looking at the world and the future.

The authors did justice to the statement above, they did jettison some of the old school traits, and in their skilled writers’ wake they leave us with a dozen time-tested solutions to assist us taking on the Digital Security responsibility, and own it, lead it, control it, handle it, master it, govern it, understand it, fund it, describe it, delete it, ignore it, outsource it, but still run it, live it and love it to CONQUER IT!