Digital Security Leadership (hardcopy)


Digital Security Leadership – A CISO Handbook
2nd edition
304 pages
ISBN 9789090335353
Release date: April 2024

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Over the years we’ve seen the digital security profession transformed into an overhyped and fuzzy domain that is often referred to as cybersecurity. Since many authors have written a great deal on this subject in books, journals, and social media blogs, our aim here is to enrich this field with our opinions, -viewpoints, and expertise.

Thanks to a combined total of forty-five years of experience – experience from our academic back grounds as well as from our work as security and tech leaders – we are able to focus on things that should work in theory but fail in practice due to all kinds of intangible, “silent” factors.

Our intention is not to be exhaustive, nor to criticize others, but to shed fresh light on crucial cyber-related allies, enemies, and issue that are rarely taken into account and talked about, but we believe -you should know to help you combat the silent enemy of digital security.


“Security is a complex topic and the authors brought the essentials and the complexity to me in a very understandable, usable and completing style. Very exciting read, especially because the authors wrote the chapters from a practical perspective with a nice balance of academic and creative models. You can apply the ‘takeaway messages’ immediately.”
– Amir Arooni, Board member and CIO at Discover Financial Services (DFS) –

“This book effectively dismantles the complexity often associated with Security, offering a holistic, straightforward approach to making it actionable within enterprises. Bridging theoretical models with accessible explanations empowers readers to launch an enterprise security program with ease and comprehension.”
– Mathias Bücherl, Group CISO at Heidelberg Materials AG –

“This book is a ‘must read’ for any manager involved in the topic of digital security.”
– Prof. Dr. Ron Meyer –

“A must-read reference guide that connects theories and models to practical instruments and approaches in the field of digital security.”
– Prof. Dr. Steven de Haes, Dean at Antwerp Management School –

“When starting in my new CISO role, the book gave me an overview of key topics to consider. It learned me a lot about relevant leadership skills and how to behave in order to become successful as a CISO. By providing insights into relevant research it gives input for decision making and how to approach challenges I encounter.”
– Corence Klop, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at the Rabobank –

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