Mark Butterhoff

Mark is a Management Consultant, Interim/Program Manager and Author with over 20 years of experience in Information Security, IT Audit, IT Management and Governance.  

Mark has gained experience in various roles. He has a long history at KPMG, where he worked in information security, IT auditing, and management consulting. After that he worked for several years as program manager and interim manager restructuring and changing mainly IT organizations as well as a post as Interim Chief Information Security Officer. So far he has helped over 80 companies in 17 countries. Alongside his work he also teaches at the TIAS Business School in the Netherlands. Mark has completed studies in various topics, including Business Informatics and IT Auditing. In 2016 he published a book entitled “Discover the IT Cherry,” which describes how to be- come the most valued IT organization by building trust and creating experiences instead of using the latest technology or implementing new processes. His experiences from work and the insights gained from writing this book were also the basis for writing this book. Solid technology and processes are massively important in cybersecurity; however, they won’t help you win the war against this silent enemy. Just as in sports, the army, aviation, healthcare, etc., it’s mostly leadership and the people in your organization that make the difference.