About the Book

Over the years we’ve seen the digital security profession transformed into an ­overhyped­ and­ fuzzy­ domain­ that­ is­ often­ referred­ to­ as­ cybersecurity.­ Since­ many­ authors­ have­ written­ a­ great­ deal­ on­ this­ subject­ in­ books,­ journals,­ and­ social­­ media ­blogs,­ our ­aim ­here ­is ­to ­enrich ­this ­field ­with ­our ­opinions, ­viewpoints,­ and­ expertise.­ Thanks­ to­ a­ combined­ total­ of­ forty-five­ years­ of­ experience­ – ­experience ­from ­our ­academic ­back grounds ­as ­well ­as ­from ­our ­work ­as­ security­ and­ tech­ leaders­ –­ we­ are­ able­ to­ focus­ on­ things­ that­ should­ work­ in­ theory ­but ­fail ­in ­practice ­due ­to ­all ­kinds ­of ­intangible, ­“silent” ­factors. ­Our ­intention­ is­ not­ to­ be­ exhaustive,­ nor­ to­ criticize­ others,­ but­ to­ shed­ fresh­ light­ on ­crucial ­cyber-related ­allies, ­enemies, ­and ­issue ­that ­are ­rarely ­taken ­into ­ac-count ­and ­talked ­about, ­but ­we ­believe ­you ­should ­know ­to ­help ­you ­combat ­the­ silent ­enemy­ of ­digital ­security.

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